We believe that caring for our patients goes well beyond the scope of therapy.  In fact, therapy is just one of the essentials of wellness.  Your mental health care counts for very little if you aren’t taking care of yourself!  These essentials to wellness are critical elements of your healthcare plan and your wellness.  Your life depends on all of these essentials, and our goal at Elpis Institute is not only to provide you with therapeutic counseling, but to help guide you to wellness.

This section of our website is designed to help you to understand the essential elements of wellness. We call them essentials because they are all required.  For example, having a healthy diet doesn’t mean much if you don’t exercise, and having great mental health is irrelevant if you’re eating nothing but fast food.  Without all of the essential pieces coming together, the system will eventually fall apart.

In an effort to help educate and guide our patients towards wellness, we work with other professionals and frequently refer our patients to them.  We call these professionals our “wellness partners”.  We highly scrutinize their practices and credentials and decide if they can meet the level of care that we demand for our patients.

Benefits of Exercise (pdf)


Referral Resources

Below you will find various resources specific to special populations and specific mental health issues.

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Informational and Inspirational Videos

Personal stories and relevant information that we hope will inform and inspire!

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